YouTube Hack: How To Make Thousands Of Dollars in months

Content Creators are making it big on the world’s popular Video centric network (YouTube). Some YouTubers earn millions of dollars per year while others are also making a living out of it. Famous YouTubers are making it rich through influencer marketing, brand deals, affiliate marketing, product placement, merchandising, etc. In this article, I will explain some direct and indirect ways YouTubers make thousands of dollars in months.

i. Affiliate Marketing

One way YouTubers make money is, putting links in content and/or video descriptions or offering promotional codes. These links redirect users to different websites, where they can purchase products and services. These URLs, known as affiliate links are coded with unique tracking IDs that give Youtubers portions of each sale whenever a product or service is purchased.

ii. Merchandising

Many YouTubers sell products and services of their own, that feature the likeness of their YouTube channel. Some YouTubers, identify as content creators first, and entrepreneur second. Others too identify are entrepreneurs trying to promote their products through the videos they create. Either way, merchandising is also another way YouTubers make money.

iii. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding websites like Patreon and Kickstarter is also another source of fund for Youtubers. While Patreon is used by many YouTubers to earn a passive monthly income for themselves and their channel, Kickstarter is utilized for raising large amounts of money around particular projects.

iv. Traditional marketing

Some Youtubers have become very prominent and gained so much mainstream appeal that they now appear in television ads and magazines — including much beloved super bowl commercials.

v. Native Advertising

Google AdSense is the main source of funds for all YouTubers. Through Google AdSense, YouTubers make money from advertisements shown within their content. Some YouTubers who are bloggers also connect their YouTube AdSense account to their blogs to produce income.

vi. YouTube Partnership

The YouTube partnership program also helps many Youtubers earn some cool cash. YouTubers who join this Partnership have access to multiple income streams: not just advertisement, but YouTube Premium subscription fees, and features that tap your fans’ wallets directly like Super Chat.

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