What It Means When a Lady Wears a Leg Chain

When a Lady Wears a Leg ChainA lot of women around the globe put chains around ankles as nothing other than fashion. This lifestyle originated in Egypt. A shallow dive into Egyptian history, In early 1967, slaves in Egypt attached iron rings to their ankles. In some parts of our world today, these chains are seen as amulets. Some people also wear it because it’s fashionable and wants to keep up with trends.

Although they are beautiful and stylish, there are many negative perceptions about the leg chain. According to Wikipedia, “Any lady wearing a necklace on her leg indicates that she’s married, but that she is also accessible for other men to take her out with her husband’s permission.”

In some parts of the world, leg chains and anklets can be used as talismans or charms. Women noted for wearing leg chains are so magical and powerful that they attract suitors easily.

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