Update! Boat sailor arrested after deadly capsize on Volta Lake

Boat carrying over 20 mourners capsizes on Volta Lake

Sailor Gabriel Ajigodi, who was at the helm Saturday morning when his boat capsized on the Volta Lake, is in the grips of the police, 3news.com can confirm.

He is currently in custody at the Ada Foah Police Station, where he is being interrogated over the deadly voyage. Five persons were confirmed dead while several others missing after the boat, carrying mourners from Azizanya to Azizakope, capsized on the Volta Lake.

Assemblymember of the area Daniel Adzakpa told TV3 after the disaster struck that the boat was overloaded. The boat, which was supposed to carry 25 passengers, had over 60 on board.

According to some survivors, they alerted Gabriel Ajigodi about the overload and pleaded with him to return them to their boarding point. 22-year-old Mary Donuki told TV3‘s Joseph Armstrong on Saturday that when they realized that the load was too much they asked to be returned to Azizanya.

The sailor is said to have ignored the pleas and said he would take them to Azizakpe safely. The disaster, however, occurred mid-journey. Mary Donuki lost her only one-and-a-half-year baby. There is still a search party in the area striving to locate some more survivors.

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