Spotify teams up with Vibrate Studio to boost Ghana’s Music Ecosystem

Phiona Okumu

Spotify announced its investment in Vibrate Studio, a community recording music studio and music business program in Accra at press briefing.

The investment, which would be done through the Creator Equity Fund, will enhance Vibrate Studio’s capabilities and resources, including equipment and training programs for emerging musicians, producers, and music business professionals, providing a significant boost to Ghana’s alternative music scene.

Phiona Okumu, Head of Music for Spotify Sub Saharan Africa, discussed the future of Spotify in Africa, specifically Ghana, and expressed their pride in supporting the Vibrate Studio project.

This investment is a testament to Spotify’s commitment to developing and promoting local talent globally, empowering local musicians to succeed on a global scale. The investment in Vibrate Studio by Spotify is an exciting development for Ghana’s music industry and the alternative music scene.

It will not only equip emerging musicians with the necessary tools and skills to succeed but also promote Ghana’s diverse music culture to a global audience. Vibrate Space is operated by Surf Ghana in Accra which is headed by Sandy Alibo. We look forward to the future of Vibrate Studios and the alternative music scene in Ghana.

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