Rex Omar explains why GHAMRO’s website has been inactive for more than 6 months 

The official website for the Ghana Music Right Organisation (GHAMRO) has been down for more than six (6) months now.

According to the Rex Omar, the Chairman of the Interim Directors, the website was shut down to make room for upgrading.

In an interview he granted Joy FM’s Kwame Dadzie on Showbiz A-Z, he said they were working at improving on the website so that it could cater to various needs of the organisation.

“GHAMRO’s website has gone off for some time now because there is a practical problem and we are dealing with it.

It has been off for more than six months because we are trying to fix the website to make it interactive enough so that people can just upload their music and update their records,” he said.

GHAMRO has been severely criticized for not generating a system that will make it easier for their members to get information and update their records on their website.

This criticism usually comes when GHAMRO members are asked to visit their office to update their records to facilitate the payment of their royalties.

Rex Omar also noted that they have not been able to expedite action on a lot of projects because of financial constraint.

He said because they are mandated to take “only” 30% of their earnings for administrative work, they are handicapped in discharging certain tasks.

This comes on the back of the recent announcement by the Interim Directors of GHAMRO that the renewal of their licence has been withheld by the Attorney General.

The ‘Abiba’ hit maker said because of the the organisation will not be able to distribute royalties for its members.

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