Police intercept 336 bags of cocoa beans being smuggled to Ivory Coast

Police intercept 336 bags of cocoa beans being smuggled to Ivory Coast

The Police in the Suaman Dadieso District have intercepted 336 bags of cocoa beans allegedly being smuggled to the neighbouring Ivory Coast for sale.

The Daewoo Kia with the registration number AS 3513-19 loaded with bags of cocoa in jute sacks was intercepted by the task force in the Dadieso-Enchi forest reserve.

According to the police, after the interrogation, it was found that they were heading towards the neighbouring Ivory Coast for sale.

The task force then led the vehicle to the nearest police station and subsequently, the driver was arrested and the vehicle was taken to the Dadieso Police Headquarters for further investigations.

The District Chief Executive for Suaman Dadieso, Philip Kwabena Boahene speaking to the media said residents in the area do not involve in cocoa smuggling but people from outside the district travel their smuggle goods through the area to dent the name of Suaman District and they will do whatever in their power to arrest those involved.

He further warned that the security and the task force in the Suaman District are on the verge to arrest whoever tries to smuggle cocoa through the area to Ivory Coast.

Cocoa bean smuggling is prevalent in the Suaman Dadieso District. In view of that, the COCOBOD Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Boahene Aidoo threatened to stop engaging the farmers in the area in terms of farm input supply and the cocoa rehabilitation programme until the activity stops.

It is as part of the efforts to clamp down on this activity that the Suaman Dadieso District Chief Executive formed a task force to monitor the activities of smugglers.

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