‘Music is Paying Well, You can See from my videos’ – Black Sherif

Black Sherif
Black Sherif

Ghanaian music star Black Sherif has revealed he’s getting well remunerated from his music.

Appearing on Accra-based TV3 for a Road to the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) interview, he was asked if the music work is paying off.

“Yes,” he responded without hesitation. “Yes, that’s how we’re able to shoot [my music videos].

“If you study my videos from back then, they don’t look like the videos [and] the pictures we [shoot now],” he added.

His host mentioned that he and his team used to shoot with a phone.

“Yeah,” Sherif reacted, pointing in the direction of his team member Farouk.

“Farouk has been taking shots and videos of me for the longest time,” he said. “Now though, he has a bad [sophisticated] camera. Yeah, it’s like that.”

According to the ‘Kwaku the Traveller’ hitmaker, whatever competencies his team has “right now, yeah, we learned from scratch.”

The team is made up of risk-takers, he said, “because [we had] zero” and thus “we had nothing to lose.”

“So everything we did, we were trying something,” he added. “And we’ve built up from there.”

Take a look at how the Konongo Zongo star’s music videos have improved over the past years.

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