Meek Mill Exits Twitter Says He’s Moving To YouTube

American rapper Meek Mill revealed he’s leaving Twitter and moving to YouTube‼️ He abruptly deleted his Twitter account, departing the platform.

He reveals there’s “too many bots and weird people” on the platform. Twitter also revealed that it will start limiting & regulating cross-promotion from different social media platforms.

Meek Mill is now looking for a service centered around “building, creating, and motivation!” He then instructed his social media manager to “turn this off forever,” before adding, “ima takeover my YouTube account to replace me interacting with [supporters!] Too many bots and weird people.

Meek Mill
Meek Mill

Meek Mill stuck to his word, deactivating his account shortly after sending the tweet. “Ima deactivate twitter forever,” the Philly rapper tweeted this weekend before his exit. He announced his desire to find a different platform “where it’s more good vibes.”

Ima deactivate twitter forever and go to a new social where it’s more good vibes based off building, creating and motivation!” so Meek said in his last tweet before his account disappeared. “Whoever run my s**t turn this off forever … ima takeover my YouTube account to replace me interacting with supports! Too many bots and weird people” Meek Mill shared on Twitter before his exit.

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