McDonald’s Makes Waves With New Breakfast Sandwich Currently Being Tested

McDonald’s fans in Cincinnati have the opportunity to try a brand new breakfast sandwich, at least “new” to the golden arches. The Southern Style Chicken Breakfast sandwiches are being tested in Cinncinatti through April 4. McDonald’s could try it in other markets if the sandwich succeeds there before granting it a permanent spot on the menu.

According to Cincinnati CityBeat, the new Southern Style Chicken Breakfast sandwich is served on a flaky biscuit or English muffin. McDonald’s described the chicken piece as a “Southern-style fried chicken fillet that’s crispy, juicy and tender.” The fast-food chain did not promise to permanently add the sandwich to the menu. If the sandwich has fans, it could be brought back in February and March 2023.

This is not McDonald’s first chicken sandwich for breakfast, as Eat This, Not That points out. McDonald’s has also offered the McChicken Biscuit, Chicken McGriddle, and the Crispy Chicken Breakfast Sandwich in the past. McDonald’s has also launched Crispy Chicken Sandwiches for lunch and dinner, similar to the old Southern Style Chicken and Buttermilk Chicken sandwiches of the past.

McDonald’s also made other big announcements this week. The fan-favorite Szechuan Sauce will return for only a few days, starting March 31. The only way to get a packet for free is by ordering Chicken McNuggets using the McDonald’s App. You can also pay for up to five sauce packets on the app.

On March 22, McDonald’s unveiled new circular clear cups made from recycled and biobased materials. The new cups are now available at 28 restaurants in Savannah, Georgia. McDonald’s calls the cups “circular” because the cups are made using recycled material. The cups still look like the clear cups customers use now.

“The test cups are sourced from a 50-50 mix of post-consumer plastic material and biobased materials,” McDonald’s said. “We’re using what is referred to as a mass balance method, a process that allows us to measure and track recycled and biobased inputs being used in a process that also mixes traditional fossil-fuel sources. Cooler still is the fact that the biobased material is crafted in part from McDonald’s used cooking oil. Talk about a full-circle moment.”

Earlier this month, McDonald’s brought back the Big Tasty burger for U.K. customers. McDonald’s U.K. is offering the Original Big Tasty and the new BBQ Big Tasty burger. The original sandwich includes a beef patty, Emmental cheese, onions, tomatoes, and a unique smoky flavored sauce between a toasted bun. Customers can add bacon or get the BBQ Big Tasty with barbecue sauce. The Big Tasty was designed as a competitor to Burger King’s Whopper and is no longer available in the U.S.

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