Kuami Eugene recalls fighting a man in a club over his woman

Kuami Eugenee
Kuami Eugenee

Kuami Eugene has disclosed that he nearly got into a brawl in a club with a man who provocatively touched his ‘woman’ on the dancefloor.

Recalling how far he has gone to defend a woman on ‘Stripped by Sika Osei’, the famous singer noted that an inappropriate touch from a man brought out the ‘Fadama’ boy in him resulting in a near fight.

Back before Kuami Eugene became a household name, his manager, Richie Mensah went partying with him in a club, and in one of such occasions, he had to stand up for the woman he was with.

Richie took me to the club, I hadn’t been to the club before. The first time I tasted alcohol was with Richie. He mixed it and said, try it, it will be nice. Now I go to the club by myself,” he laughed.

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Narrating the story, he said: “I had someone that I admired and we were in the club and someone (man) was dancing with her. It was calm, I mean it was a club so it was alright. Then it got to the level where I couldn’t help it. Now he wanted to touch her. The audacity. I was so charged that they put gas in me. I was like, boss, you shouldn’t touch her.

He got so far and the girl had to push him and it got heated. That was when I had the Fadama boy in me…I moved to him and we started, they had to walk me out. They spoke to me and advised me that I shouldn’t start the argument when I walk back into the club…I had to walk out because it was heated…I wasn’t this big, people will take out cameras to capture the scene. I wanted to hit back…that is how far I’ve gone for a woman.

Meanwhile, Kuami Eugene who claims to be single noted that he is attracted to smart and well-organized women.

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