I love listening to music more than recording – Kelvyn Boy

Kelvyn Boy
Kelvyn Boy

Afrobeat musician, Kelvin Boy says he prefers listening to music to recording.

The singer-songwriter said that he has always been a very musical person and singing has always come naturally to him. Growing up, his family, especially his father, influenced him musically.

Though he is popular for making music and has been in the industry for a while now, Kelvyn Boy indicated that he loves listening to music rather than recording music.

He made the comments while talking to KMJ on Prime Morning.

“I love to listen to music than to record. I am very musical. I was born into a musical home. I didn’t learn how to sing but I adapted singing from my dad because I had just found myself singing. I didn’t know how,” he said.

The ‘Mea’ hitmaker also indicated that the Ghanaian music industry has made a lot of progress because a lot of things have changed in the music industry.

According to him, Ghanaians have acquired a new taste for good music, pushing artistes to also step up their music game.

“I feel like lately, a lot of things have changed…from how they consume the music and the kind of songs that the masses allow to get attention is amazing and it’s changing. Lately, I hear a lot of proper and beautiful songs. It’s like the talent is really strong. Not like before when any song can just blow because it has the hype. It doesn’t really happen lately,” he said.

The Afrobeat artiste says that he has seen growth in his music career, and according to him, it is not easy to balance being famous with making music. But he is working hard to put out good content while trusting the process and he has seen how his music career is taking good a turn.

The Afrobeat King said that he listens to every music genre and every musician including himself. He also revealed that he was largely influenced by reggae music, afrobeat music, and musical genius Osibisa on his journey to becoming the artist he is now.

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