‘I feel lazy to do my hair’ – Ahuofe Patri

Ahuofe Patri
Ahuofe Patri

Ahuofe Patricia has been wearing her buzz hairstyle for about 11 years and one would perhaps think she’s been keeping this particular ‘do’ for this long just because she rocks it very well. Wrong!

The beautiful actress, who became popular for her comedy skits Boys Kasa with comedian Kalybos, has revealed the only reason she has kept the ultra-short hairdo for more than a decade is because she is too lazy to go to the hair dressing salon.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Ahoufe Patri, real name Priscilla Opoku Agyemang, said she knows she will look good in weave-ons, wigs, and other hairstyles but the problem is that she just hasn’t got the time to sit in the salon to get her hair fixed.

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“It’s just laziness. I feel lazy to do my hair. When I see women sport wigs, braids etc., I really admire them but the time to sit to get mine done is the problem. I would rather spend the time taking a good nap than fixing my hair,” she said.

Moving away from her 11-year-old hairstyle, Ahoufe Patri, who is in her early 30s, bemoaned the way Ghanaians tend to celebrate certain persons who are not deserving of attention.

Although she wouldn’t mention names, the actress, who buried her mother about a month ago, said “we sometimes celebrate mediocrity and I wonder why. There are so many individuals we celebrate in Ghana who we shouldn’t.

“You hear and see them insult people all over the place yet these are the people we celebrate. I don’t see the impact they have on society yet we celebrate and give them all the attention they don’t deserve. Sometimes, it hurts me so much but what can I do?” she said.

Touching on her relationship status, Ahoufe Patri, who didn’t disclose if she was single or in a relationship, however, said she loved to be pampered.

“I enjoy a lot of attention. Most women love it too but I think mine is on another level. I want my man to shower me with all the attention in the world,” she said beaming with smiles.

She has featured in movies such as Amakye and Dede, Kalybos In China, John and John, comedy skit, Boys Kasa and TV series Cocoa Brown.

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