home remedies for premature ejaculation

When a person with a penis climaxes during sex before they or their partner would have desired to, this is known as premature ejaculation. People who suffer from premature ejaculation orgasm within 1 minute of being sexually stimulated and are unable to defer ejaculation. Frustration and anxiety are common side effects of the illness. As a result of their premature ejaculation, some people may avoid having sex. Premature ejaculation is a common sexual issue among men. Males who have premature ejaculation may also have minimal notice before their orgasm, making it impossible for them to postpone it. Below are some home remedies for premature ejaculation;

14 home remedies for premature ejaculation

Both the individual experiencing it and their partner may experience less sexual satisfaction as a result of premature ejaculation. Some home remedies and exercises can help someone become more aware of their sensations and how to manage them, which can help them delay ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation affects 4–39 percent of males, according to some studies, however, some estimates are greater. Premature ejaculation can be complicated, comprising both mental and physical factors, which is why so many people experience it. (Trusted Source)

Premature ejaculation may be helped by some medical procedures, but there is no permanent cure. Males, on the other hand, can use a variety of therapies, such as vitamins and exercise, to learn to regulate their ejaculation and experience more sexual satisfaction.

1. Dietary changes

Magnesium, in addition to zinc, is important for sexual health and has been linked to premature ejaculation in studies. (Trusted Source)

Incorporating foods into your diet that are rich in zinc and magnesium may help increase the time it takes you to climax. Those foods include:

A) Green Onion

Green onion seeds are aphrodisiac, which means they can help men avoid premature ejaculation. These seeds boost a person’s stamina and power, allowing him to have more sexual opportunities. Simply crush the seeds and combine them with water to utilize this treatment. This cure should be consumed three times a day, each time before a meal. White onions can also aid to enhance your reproductive organs and increase your sexual capacity.

B) Ginger and Honey

Consuming ginger improves blood circulation throughout the body, particularly in the penile muscles. This allows males more control over their ejaculation. Ginger can also help you keep your erection longer because it warms up your body and causes faster blood flow. Honey is a powerful aphrodisiac, and it can boost the potency of ginger. To take this treatment, combine half a teaspoon of ginger with half a teaspoon of honey and eat it before night.

C) Garlic

Garlic has aphrodisiac characteristics, which means it can help you prolong your intercourse without ejaculating too soon. Cloves from this antibacterial and anti-inflammatory herb increase blood circulation and heat in the body, which improves copulation. You can chew the cloves or fried them in ghee and eat them on an empty stomach every morning.

D) Asparagus

This plant’s roots are extremely helpful in preventing premature ejaculation. To increase your control over the penile muscles, boil the plant roots in milk and drink it twice a day.

E) Ladyfinger

Premature ejaculation can also be treated with ladyfinger. You can eat this vegetable whole or powdered in your daily diet. This powder is safe to take on a regular basis.

F) Carrots

Carrots are a versatile vegetable that may be used in a variety of ways. This is a simple way to treat premature ejaculation. Carrots have a libido-enhancing property that can help you control your ejaculation significantly. Eat boiled carrots with egg and honey on a regular basis for the best results.

2. Zinc

There could be a link between zinc supplementation and sexual problems. Zinc appears to have a role in male fertility as well.

Some studies have found lower levels of zinc in the seminal fluid of males with infertility, according to an article in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences. (Trusted Source)

Supplementing with zinc improves sexual dysfunction and raises testosterone levels in the blood. This could help with libido in general as well as sexual dysfunction, such as premature ejaculation.

Zinc supplementation may thus benefit general sexual health in a variety of ways, while no direct research has linked zinc to the prevention or improvement of premature ejaculation.

3. Exercises

Exercise is also one of the recommended home remedies for premature ejaculation. Various pelvic floor exercises may aid in the development of ejaculatory muscles. It may be feasible to improve orgasm control by being aware of and strengthening these muscles.

A 12-week regimen of pelvic floor exercises helped men with premature ejaculation control their ejaculatory reflexes and extend their time to climax, according to one study. (Trusted Source)

The pelvic floor muscles are also responsible for stopping the flow of pee. To detect them, a man should urinate and then stop the flow of urine in the middle. Lying or sitting in a comfortable position without placing pressure on the perineum (the area between the anus and the genitals) is the best way to practice pelvic floor exercises.

Tighten the muscles involved in stopping the flow of urine for 5 seconds, holding them as tight as possible. It should feel as if the muscles are lifting up. There could also be a pressure sensor near the muscles inside the body. Rest for 5 seconds after releasing the muscles. For one session, repeat this technique ten times. Every day, do two or three sessions.

4. Topical creams

Premature ejaculation can be treated with over-the-counter topical anesthetic creams that contain a numbing chemical that reduces feeling and delays climax. To get the most out of the cream, apply it to your penis 10 to 15 minutes before sex.

Topical creams can help increase the time it takes to ejaculate by a few minutes, according to a 2017 study published in Sexual Medicine. Anesthetic creams, while generally well tolerated, can cause:

  • mild burning sensation
  • mild pain
  • a temporary loss of sensitivity
  • decreased libido

5. Condoms

By temporarily dulling the sensation in the penis, using a condom during sex may operate in a similar way to utilizing topical lotions. This may lengthen the time it takes to orgasm in some circumstances.

Some firms make thicker condoms or condoms with a numbing substance on the inside to help reduce sensitivity even more and lengthen a man’s orgasm time.

Climax Control Condoms

There are also over-the-counter climax control condoms that are either composed of a thicker latex material or include a numbing ingredient to delay climax.

6. Ayurvedic herbal medicine

India’s traditional healing system is known as Ayurveda. It treats everything from diabetes to inflammation with hundreds of botanicals.

When taken in capsule form twice daily with lukewarm water, several Ayurvedic medications, such as kaunch beej, kamini vidrawan ras, and yauvanamrit vati, are thought to treat premature ejaculation. Erectile dysfunction has also been treated with Ayurvedic medicine.

Men who utilized Ayurvedic medication had a small increase in the time it took to ejaculate during intercourse, according to a 2017 Sexual Medicine study. The following are some of the known potential adverse effects:

  • dizziness
  • decreased libido
  • stomach pain
  • mild pain

7. Topical sprays

Many guys find that topical sprays containing anesthetics like lidocaine work well as a temporary solution. These aid in the numbing of the penis. They accomplish this by delaying feeling in the penis, perhaps lengthening the time it takes to reach climax.

These lotions should be applied to the head of the penis around 30 minutes before sex, and the penis should be washed about 5 minutes before sex.

8. Practice

Those who are concerned about sexual control and early ejaculation may simply lack sexual experience. From their early experiences with masturbation, teenagers learn about their sexual responses and physical feelings. Some persons may lack experience with masturbation or sexual behaviors due to religious or cultural attitudes about them, as well as a sense of personal shame.

Masturbation allows a person to openly explore pleasure and define the sensations that their body feels prior to climax. Regular practice can also help someone learn how to recognize the signals of oncoming orgasm and how to cease the stimulation before orgasm occurs.

Masturbating an hour or two before sexual activity is also recommended by some. This could take advantage of the body’s refractory period, which is the moment when orgasming is impossible or difficult. The duration of the refractory phase differs from one person to the next.

9. Magnesium

Another key mineral for sperm production and reproductive health is magnesium. According to a study published in the Asian Journal of Andrology, low magnesium levels may contribute to premature ejaculation by enhancing orgasmic muscle spasms.

As a result, getting enough magnesium in your diet may help you avoid ejaculation prematurely. (Trusted Source)

10. Other minerals

A variety of other minerals play crucial roles in sperm function and overall male fertility, according to a study published in the journal Reviews on Environmental Health. (Trusted Source)

Those suffering from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation may benefit from supplementing with a variety of additional minerals to boost their reproductive health in general. These may include the following:

  • manganese
  • calcium
  • copper
  • selenium

11. Chinese herbal medicine

Premature ejaculation can be treated with a weekly or daily dose of Chinese herbal medication, such as Yimusake tablets or Qilin pills, which promote sexual endurance and improve vitality.

Different varieties of Chinese herbal medicine can extend ejaculation time by roughly 2 minutes, according to the same Sexual Medicine study. The following are some of the known potential adverse effects:

  • dizziness
  • mild pain
  • stomach pain
  • decreased libido

12. Techniques

During sex, a male can try several strategies and procedures that may aid with premature ejaculation. These are some of them:

The squeeze technique

By allowing excitement to fade before the climax, the pause-squeeze technique may aid in the treatment of premature ejaculation. When you’re ready to ejaculate, stop and have you or your partner squeeze the end of your penis where the head meets the shaft.

Hold the squeeze for a few seconds till you don’t want to climax anymore. Make careful to speak with your partner during this procedure because they will not be aware of the proper timing if you don’t.

As many times as necessary, repeat this procedure. You could eventually be able to delay ejaculation on your own.

The stop-start method

Another physical strategy for sexual practice is the stop-start method. The guy or their partner should stimulate the penis till the climax is approaching throughout this method. They should then turn off all stimulation and wait for the sensation of impending orgasm to fade completely.

After the pleasure has worn off, the guy or their partner should stimulate the penis once more, then instantly stop before the orgasm begins. Continue the cycle a third time, and on the fourth time, allow the ejaculation.

This exercise may assist a man in recognizing the sensations that precede orgasm. It may be easier to identify or regulate ejaculation if you investigate them in this way.

13. Masturbation

Masturbating an hour or two before sexual activity can help delay ejaculation. Your desire to climax fast should be reduced as a result of this sexual release.

14. Avoid intercourse for a period of time

Although it may seem counterintuitive, focusing on other types of sexual activity instead of intercourse may help you relax and enjoy your sexual experiences.

Consider different methods you and your spouse might experience the pleasure that won’t bring you or your partner any misery or aggravation.

The takeaway

Premature ejaculation is a perfectly normal and widespread sexual problem that affects up to 40% of men in the United States.

Any of these natural therapies and home cures can help you manage your symptoms. However, if premature ejaculation continues, you should consult a doctor to rule out any underlying problems and discuss other treatment options.

Is there a permanent cure?

Premature ejaculation cannot be treated or cured in a single technique. There are no approved medications in the United States for the treatment of premature ejaculation, according to the Urology Care Foundation.

A variety of techniques are usually used in routine treatment. Psychological treatment, for example, can assist in the resolution of any unpleasant ideas or sentiments that may lead to sexual problems.

Squeeze and stop-start approaches, for example, assist establish a tolerance to the delightful sensations that lead to orgasm. Some over-the-counter or prescription lotions and sprays can temporarily reduce sensitivity by numbing the head of the penis.

In some circumstances, a doctor may advise utilizing antidepressant medications to treat premature ejaculation. Antidepressants like fluoxetine and paroxetine can affect serotonin levels in the body, which might cause an orgasm to be delayed. However, these medications have not been approved for use.

What you need to know about delayed ejaculation

A man’s difficulty or inability to have an orgasm and ejaculate semen is referred to as delayed ejaculation. Physical or psychological factors can play a role.

It is called delayed ejaculation when a guy takes more than 30 minutes of penetrative intercourse to ejaculate while having a normal erection.

Around 1% to 4% of males experience delayed ejaculation. Both the man and his partner may be distressed as a result. It can cause concern about one’s overall health, as well as a lack of libido and sexual dissatisfaction. Fear of rejection affects both participants in a relationship, and couples who want to establish a family are concerned.

Most men will have delayed ejaculation at some time in their lives, but some will have it for the rest of their lives.

Causes of Delayed ejaculation

Ejaculation can be delayed for a variety of reasons, both psychological and physiologic. There is a possibility that the two will collide. It can be a lifelong condition in which a guy has always struggled to reach orgasm, but delayed ejaculation is more prevalent following a time of normal function.

Physical causes of delayed ejaculation

  • Medication side effects:

Antidepressants, particularly selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), anti-anxiety meds, blood pressure medication, opioids, and other medications may cause delayed ejaculation.

  • Alcohol or the use of certain recreational drugs can have an impact.
  • Nerve damage, including spinal cord injury, stroke, severe diabetes, surgery, and multiple sclerosis can lead to abnormal ejaculatory function.
  • Increasing age can decrease the sensitivity of the penis to sexual stimulation.

If an acquired instance only occurs in specific contexts, it is usually judged to have a psychological origin. If a man can ejaculate regularly while masturbating but has a delay during intercourse with a partner, it’s more likely that delayed ejaculation has a psychological cause.

Premature ejaculation is a typical occurrence that affects many people at some point in their lives. When premature ejaculation becomes a problem, however, some men may discover that by employing various home cures and procedures they can better manage it. Other forms of physical, psychological, or medicinal treatment may be suggested by some doctors to assist control the problem.

If premature ejaculation persists or worsens, visit a doctor for a complete diagnosis. It could be due to an underlying medical problem.

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