Hajia4Reall has not been jailed in the US – Management Confirms


A few days ago, there were rumors circulating that, Mona Faiz Montrage, popularly known as Hajia4reall has been put to trial, arrested, and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

There were also rumors that her daughter was also in the hands of the US government and this came about when the child visited her mother in the US.

A lot of Ghanaians upon hearing the news sympathized with the lady while others blamed her for causing her own arrest. The Ghanaian socialite in the latter days of last year was arrested in the UK while she was returning from London to Ghana.

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Hajia4reall was later granted bail but has to stay in the UK for further investigation as a result of this, she hasn’t been to Ghana for some months now but she has been active on her social media handles.

Hajia4reall’s management has cleared the air pertaining to the whereabouts of the socialite. According to her management, Hajia4real has not been put to trial nor has she been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. It further stated that she is currently staying in the UK.

Hajia4Reall has not been jailed in the US
(Press Release from Hajia4reall’s management)

Read the full statement of the press release

False Reports of Mona Falz Montrage’s (Hajia4reall) conviction and 10-year jail sentence in the US.

Our attention has been drawn to publications making rounds on social media and news portals of the conviction and 10-year jail sentence of Mona Faiz Montrage and the current detention of her daughter; a minor by the US authorities.

We would like to state categorically that the said reports are false.

Now the facts: Mona is currently in the UK. She has neither been put on trial nor convicted in the UK or US. Mona has not been extradited to the US or anywhere in the world. Mona’s daughter is neither in the hands of the US authorities nor restricted in any way. She is with mona’s family. We advise the General Public to disregard all such rumors and respect the privacy of Mona and her family.

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