EPA holds sensitisation workshop on refrigeration and air conditioning technicians’ certification


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has held a workshop on refrigeration and air conditioning technicians’ training and certification programs ahead of laying a legislative instrument in Parliament.

The urgent need to streamline Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (RAC) technicians’ certification and training processes in Ghana was emphasized during a recent interaction organised by the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) services, NARWOA, and Ghana Standards Authority in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Participants in the discussion included key stakeholders such as representatives from the TVET services, Narwoa, and Ghana Standards Authority.

The Head of the ozone and climate change department at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Emmanuel Osae Quansah, addressed the participants and highlighted the need to develop appropriate training standards and a certification scheme for RAC technicians in Ghana.

He urged the participants to draw insights from the Energy Commission’s Electrical Wiring Certification and Examination scheme and participate fully in carrying out the 2017 discussion by the National Committee on Ozone Depleting Substances (NACODS).

NACODS created a subcommittee with the mission to organize the first stakeholders’ meeting and notify all relevant parties.

“A road map has therefore been developed up to the year 2024 to fully establish the QCR scheme for RAC technician training, examination, and certification in Ghana,” said Emmanuel Osae Quansah.

He emphasised the need for duty bearers to be committed to following through to guarantee the project’s full completion and success. However, the discussion participants urged thorough consultation with all relevant parties to guarantee the project’s successful execution.

They argued that the call was necessary because there may be opposition if it is implemented without adequate consultation.

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