Davido reveals how he met his wife, Chioma


Nigerian singer Davido has revealed how he met his wife, Chioma, and how they have kept up with each other over the years.

During an interview with YouTuber and vlogger Tayo Aina, Davido revealed that their fateful meeting took place while they were both students at Babcock University.

At the time, Davido was pursuing a music degree, while Chioma was studying Economics.

Recalling the moment vividly, Davido said, “I had been in school for about a year when my career took off. It was during that time that I first laid eyes on my wife. I can never forget that day.”

Davido confirms he’s married to Chioma

“I was sitting in a Prado when I glanced behind me and spotted a girl walking. It was Chioma, holding her bag. I instantly knew I was drawn to her.”

Turning to his friend, Lati, Davido requested, “Lati, my friend, I really like that girl. Please go and call her for me.”

Chioma shares first pictures from wedding with Davido

Although she didn’t respond to the call initially, fate eventually brought Chioma to Lagos where they eventually met up. Davido reminisced, “When we finally connected, I knew she was the one. I thought to myself, ‘Yes, I’ve found you.’”

Through these encounters, Davido and Chioma’s love story began, leading them to where they are today.

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