Cues and Lyrics: Traygan wins Mama’s Love Challenge; New Born, Rich Glad evicted

Cues and Lyrics

It was a heartfelt and emotional moment on Joy Prime’s music reality show, Cues and Lyrics, as contestants took the competition to another level in the fifth week.

The 12 contestants were tasked with performing a song to celebrate and honour mothers as the world marked Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 14, dubbed ‘Mama’s Love’.

Unfortunately, it was an eviction night, and two of the contestants, New Born and Rich Glad, bid good-bye to the show before the challenge began.

Cues and Lyrics: Traygan wins Mama’s Love Challenge; New Born, Rich Glad evicted

The Mama’s Love Challenge was captivating as the contestants’ exuded great love for their mothers.

Lovet bounced back from her previous performance and enticed the judges with a heart-warming rendition of “Her” by Nigerian singer-songwriter Asa, dedicating it to her late mother.

Young female vocalist, Traygan once again thrilled the judges with alluring skills as she brought off a rendition of Adina’s ‘Little Girl’ dedicated to individuals taking on motherly duties.

The songstress’ unique creativity captured the hearts of the judges, which granted her the privilege of topping the other contestants as the best performer of the night.

The guest judge who joined the show was one of the hosts of Joy Prime’s morning show, Prime Morning, KMJ the Royal host, and he declared the winner of the night after all the performances.

“The one taking over from Udiene for this week is Traygan,” he announced.

All the contestants pulled off their best, but Traygan stood out and won the judges’ hearts as their favourite for the week’s challenge.

Out of excitement the musician said, “It tells me that at least I’m doing something. I’m on to something in terms of growing. So, for this to happen is an indication of what little effort I’m putting in. I’m looking forward to all the training I have ahead.”

Judge Doreen Andoh added to KMJ’s declaration by urging all contestants to “keep working hard because I want to see another person in that spot same time next week.”

Cues and Lyrics: Traygan wins Mama’s Love Challenge; New Born, Rich Glad evicted

Two contestants are out already. Who is next? Have a say by voting for your favourite through the short code *711*60# on all networks.

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