Boat carrying over 20 mourners capsizes on Volta Lake

Boat carrying over 20 mourners capsizes on Volta Lake

A boat transporting about 20 passengers including some mourners from Azizanya to Azizakpe in the Volta Region has capsized.

The accident, according to the Assembly member of Azizakpe Electoral Area, Daniel Adzakpa, was due to the overloading of passengers onto the boat.

He indicated that the boat was supposed to carry approximately 25 persons at a time. Daniel Adzakpa also attributed the disaster to a stormy weather in the early hours of Saturday, March 18, 2023, while the mourners were being ferried to a funeral in Azizakpe.

In a 3news report sighted by Ghana Plug News, about 5 persons have been reported dead amidst the search for the others by the rescue team.

Some residents upon hearing the news have thronged the river banks to help search for the victims.


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