Afadzato South NPP Women’s Organiser launches skill development programme

Afadzato South NPP Women’s Organiser

The Afadzato South New Patriotic Party (NPP) Women’s Organiser, Yayra Agbeehia, has launched a skill development program for women in the district.

The initiative which would see the women trained in producing detergent, tie and dye, baking, beads making among others is geared towards empowering women to make them financially independent and self-reliant.

She said the program was in fulfillment of a promise she made to delegates prior to the constituency executives’ election.

“I am a women empowerment advocate, So I actually came here to motivate the women, to empower them to be able to stand on their own and have something for themselves and help the community as a whole, the party, and then the country”, she said.

Afadzato South NPP Women's Organiser launches skill development programme
Afadzato South NPP Women Organizer, Yayra Agbeehia

Madam Agbeehia stressed that the training is not limited to only NPP members but would ensure every woman in the district benefits from the program to put them on the path to generate income and be able to provide for themselves and their families.

She disclosed that marketing and finance committees have been constituted to manage sales of the products that would be produced by the beneficiaries.

She added modules would be employed to ensure the products are sold to generate income for the beneficiaries, while considering establishing a production hub in the district.

She hinted at setting up a welfare fund to support women who would want to engage in trading or expand their businesses.

The Afadzato South NPP Chairman, Gershon Zutah, is optimistic the initiative would drive the economy of the district, adding that party would sponsor more of such initiatives to liberate the constituents from poverty.

Some 50 women have already been trained in producing liquid, solid soaps and branding and were presented with certificates.  The first detergent product was christened Afadza Detergents.

Afadzato South NPP Women's Organiser launches skill development programme
Afadza Detergents

The participants lauded the initiative, expressing hope the training would improve their livelihoods.

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